Do you suffer from dirty carpets / floors?


Carpet Cleaning Machines

Hoover Steamvac
In the hectic lifestyle that all of us live, if we want to keep our house and our upholstery neat and tidy then we need to make use of the gadgets like Hoover Steamvac carpet cleaner. Though there are many professional cleaning services that are available everybody cannot afford to hire them every time to get their carpets cleaned in their houses. Get to know the reason for the popularity of this Hoover Steamvac carpet cleaner:

Do you suffer from?

  • Strong Carpet Odors
  • Pet Stains
  • Allergies (dust mites)
  • Food and drink stains

We offer a full line of Kleenco products to take care any problems you have.  Contact us for any questions you have about carpet cleaning and our great line of cleaners and vacuums.

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Carpet Cleaning Solutions


Carpet Brite is a powerful, low-foaming, low alkaline cleaner formulated to help allergy sufferers. Professional formula designed for use in truck mount and portable extraction units. It will also increase the performance of any home style carpet machine. A complex formula designed to remove a wide range of soils and stains promoting cleaner, brighter carpets. Special nonfluorescent additives keep carpets looking clean longer. Carpet Brite is used with excellent results in spin bonnet carpet cleaning.


Effortless is a ready-to-use spotter, which requires no mixing. It’s a specially formulated product that delivers maximum spotting efficiency. High performance design, yet safe and gentle enough for use on delicate “stain-resist” fibers. Recommended for all spotting tasks, from traffic stains to messy food soils and grime collecting oils, all are removed with less effort.


Kitty-Scram is a concentrated odor neutralizer that works to remove odors from all sources. It’s not a cover-up but is a true odor neutralizer. Designed to work fast to capture odors within 15 seconds. Then a hospital grade oxidizer goes to work to permanently eliminate the source of the odor. The end result is stubborn and obnoxious odors are quickly dispelled and don’t return.